AnandTech: Socket-F Opteron vs. Woodcrest Xeon
Posted on: 12/18/2006 02:14 PM

AnandTech has just posted a nice comparison of Woodcrest Xeons and Socket-F Opterons running the typical AT suite of database tests. Much like Tech Report's article from the other day, AMD supplied close to identical Socket-F Opteron and Woodcrest Xeon machines for the testing.
We first started contacting AMD for a Socket-F platform a few weeks before its release date. Typically, when we receive a platform from AMD, it consists of a couple of CPUs, a main board and some memory. This time around AMD decided to send full platforms from a vendor called Colfax (one of AMD's solutions partners). Note that we used the plural of platform: AMD made a fairly bold move and sent a Woodcrest system as well. Both of the systems were configured identically: same case, power supply, hard drives, DVD-ROM and cooling (minus the CPU fans).
Jason and Ross kept their tests consistently dual-core across both platforms, comparing Opteron 2218 (Socket-F 2.6ghz), Opteron 285 (Socket 940 2.6ghz), and Woodcrest 5150/5160 (2.66ghz/3.0ghz). Just as I said about TR's review, this one is a must read!

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