Another Hitch-Hiker on the IDE RAID Bandwagon
Posted on: 04/05/2000 12:20 AM

It seems that IDE RAID is gaining more support lately. Not that I can really blame anyone... I love my FastTrak66. The latest contender in the low cost/high speed storage arena is none other than AMI. Their controller, dubbed the HyperDisk, shares many features with the other controllers currently available. Here's the run-down:
HyperDisk is AMI's new IDE RAID solution for desktops, workstations and entry-level servers. IDE RAID is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the capability of IDE hard disk drives, allowing users to double drive performance or data security at a fraction of the overall cost of SCSI RAID solutions.

The HyperDisk solution brings the true RAID concept of high performance, continuous data redundancy and protection to the desktop. Its two IDE channels can support data striping (RAID 0) and mirroring (RAID 1). HyperDisk supports fault-tolerant data redundancy during high performance applications at a cost-effective price.

Applications that benefit from HyperDisk's striping (RAID 0) performance enhancing features include high-end imaging programs such as AutoCAD and professional desktop publishing and design software. HyperDisk's mirroring (RAID 1) capabilities provide essential data redundancy and reliability in critical database applications.

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