Anti-Spyware Suit(s) Go to Court!
Posted on: 09/29/2005 02:20 PM

Some of us make a living cleaning-up other people's computers, so there is a bit of job security in spyware. For the most part though, pretty much everybody hates spyware. Well, the tides may be turning, and in favor of the computer users no less!
The legal battle against adware and spyware programs has taken a new turn with a pair of putative class action complaints against Direct Revenue and 180Solutions, two companies facing allegations of installing online tracking software through security holes and making it virtually impossible for computer users to remove the unwanted programs.

Now that a judge has issued a preliminary order to allow one of the cases to proceed to trial, anti-spyware advocates say they believe the tide has shifted dramatically in favor of exasperated computer users.

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