AOpen DX34 Plus Review!
Posted on: 10/26/2001 01:47 AM

Woooo, finally I stole a few minutes of free time to actually sit down and concentrate on finishing this evaluation. Another VIA 133A-based board passed through the secret underground test bunker (tm), this time from AOpen. Their DX34 Plus brings a lot to the table: Onboard Adaptec U160 SCSI, Intel 10/100 LAN, AGP Pro andddd your very own NEW CAR!. Ok... so there isn't a new car. I got a little carried away, "The Price is Right" style. Sorry.

Anyways, you may want to check this out if you're in the market for a board to be at the heart of a low-end server or workstation. AOpen supplied me with another stable product.

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