Apex DVD banned from eBay?
Posted on: 06/26/2000 02:41 PM

For the uninformed, the Apex brand DVD player plays MP3s, DVDs, CDs, VCDs and also has region and Macrovision/CSS cracks. I happen to own one of these that i purchased earlier this year at Circuit City. Since Apex has "fixed" them they have been selling for obscene amounts on eBay.

Macrovision doesn't like this and apparently got eBay to ban auctions because it violates their copyright protection scheme:
A letter sent to sellers informed them that Macrovision wanted the auctions cancelled because the player "offers a product or contains material which violates their copyright, trademark, or other rights."
Bah! Read the rest

(I know this isn't SMP related, but it's a slow news weekend...)

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