Apollo Pro 133 vs. the 'ol BX
Posted on: 02/25/2000 08:58 PM

Active Hardware has posted a very interesting look at the latest chipset offering from VIA. This is not directly related to dual processing, but with Tyan's recent announcement of a dual board based on the VIA chipset, we can see what sort of performance difference we should expect compared to a "standard" BX dual board. Here's the intro...
It's often been said, that the VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset is somewhat slower than the Intel 440BX set, but rarely does one come across a clear demonstration of this. Really, in order make any solid conclusions, it would be necessary to compare two identical motherboards, that just happen to implement the two rival chipsets, respectively. While there does exist a small army of _nearly_ identical boards, it is only thanks to DFI that we can place our hands upon a pair that are identical on _all_ points, except for the chipset in use. Thus, in the one corner we have the CA61, which makes use of the VIA Apollo Pro 133 chipset, and opposite to it, the CB61, which makes use of the Intel 440BX set. These two boards are identical in configuration, except of course for the opposing chipsets, and the necessary functions provided by those chipsets.
As a side note... I talked to the guys at Tyan today and we will have a Tiger 133 to review as soon as production samples are available.

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