Are you confused about which Win2000 to get?
Posted on: 03/02/2000 05:49 AM

Here is a nice short and sweet article from WinPlanet on all the diffrent flavors of Win2000 and what they offer for the user. With the Minimum hardware requirements stuff worth a look see for any of you undecided people.
Windows 2000 is not for everybody. Windows 2000 Professional is meant as the natural upgrade path from Windows NT Workstation. Windows 2000 Server is for current Windows NT 4 Server users. Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows 2000 Data Center Server are both for organizations that require more server power and functionality than Windows Advanced Server. Only Windows Millenium Edition is aimed directly at Windows 9x users, and it's not out yet. I know of several Windows 98 users who have upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional and are thoroughly content with the change. They like the increased stability and they have not had problems with running their software.

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