ARRGGHH!!! Free Win2k Pro If You Solve My Problem!
Posted on: 05/23/2000 04:53 AM

Remember those 43-46fps problems I was having in Q3? Well, I bought a GeForce SDR today. Guess what. 43-46fps. How does 320x240x16 with low quality textures do? 43-46fps. This, btw is on another machine (BP6, Cel 366) with a fairly fresh Win98SE install. For the love of god, what the hell could cause my Q3 framerates to always be in that range? Maybe I'm an idiot, but here's what I do:
Start Q3
timedemo 1
demo demo001

No matter what options I change, it's the same. Man, this pisses me off. This is with 3.68 drivers for Win98, btw. I've tried 5.14 and 5.16 and 3.68 for Win2k. Same thing.

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