Ars on Win2k
Posted on: 03/17/2000 01:11 AM

I finally found the time to read Panders' look at Win2k over at Ars and I must say... It's good stuff! As usual, Panders cuts the crap and lays it all out for you. Here's the opener...
Well folks, here we are ... after all the betas, the RCs (Release Candidates), "gold" announcement(s), and the "official" release of Windows 2000, it's time to start thinking about just where here is. The project, as you probably know, took over three years to complete, lost a good name (NT 5) and picked up a confusing one (Windows 2000), and perhaps most notably, gained about 20 million lines of code over its NT 4 predecessor. What we want to know is: was it all worth it? That's the fundamental question to which Microsoft is hoping it'll hear a resounding "YES" from the public in the months to follow.

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