Ars' RAM Guide: Part I
Posted on: 07/11/2000 08:34 AM

Well get your thinking caps out the boys over at Ars Technica have whipped up RAM Guide: Part I DRAM and SRAM Basics . It covers the basics of one of the least known parts of your computer. Heck atleast I now know what RAS and CAS actually do :-)
The wide variety of RAM flavors coupled with the fact that RAM isn't quite as glamorous as CPUs or video cards makes RAM one of the least understood parts of a system. Quite often, people know the main differences between an Athlon and a PIII, or between the GeForce and the ATI Rage. When it comes to RAM, however, most people would be stumped if you asked them to explain the difference between CAS 2 and CAS 3.

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