Asus CUR-DLS Review
Posted on: 06/03/2000 03:41 PM

The guys over at Insane Hardware were able to secure an Asus CUR-DLS, Asus's new dual FC-PGA mobo based on the Serverworks' ServerSet III Chipset, for review. CUR-DLS apparently stands for Coppermine-Dual LAN SCSI. The board supports the 133MHz FSB, has oodles of slots, Native ATA/66, Symbios Logic UW2 SCSI, and an Ati Rage 4MB AGP onboard (unfortunately).
The ServerWorks chipset certainly packs a punch in the I/O area. The main feature of this core logic set is the 66MHz 64-bit Independant PCI slots. These certainly go nicely with a 64-bit Adaptec SCSI160 RAID5 controller. Also on this board is an Intel 10/100 Ethernet adapter as well as some Symbios Logic UltraWide 2 SCSI lovin'. There is also a revision of this board available with a Symbios Logis SCSI160 chipset.
This board packages a lot of options, even a "FC-PGA SMP Processor Terminator", used when you are only running one processor in the board. Looks like there will be another version of this board with an AGP 4x compatible slot in the near future. Read the review.

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