Asus CUV266-D and CUV266-DLS on the website!
Posted on: 10/28/2001 03:01 AM

David was Jonny on the spot with this piece of information. He noticed that both the Asus CUV266-D and CUV266-DLS are now posted on Asus' website.

It should be noted that these boards do not appear to be Tualatin-capable. However, it does give those of you wanting to pile some DDR memory in beside your Pentium !!!'s another viable option. Now if only Asus would play nice and actually send us one of these to evaluate...

UPDATE: While several people have told me these boards wouldn't be using the Apollo Pro 266-T chipset and consequently wouldn't be able to handle Tualatins, if you look at the spec page it does list support for Pentium !!!'s all the way up to 1.2 GHz. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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