Asus CUV4X-D
Posted on: 12/27/2000 05:13 PM

Big mahalo to Hardy for this one. A Russian site called Fcenter has a nice pic of the new motherboard from Asus. Check it out here.
  • Dual FC-PGA Intel Pentium 450 to 933MHz+ Coppermine processors

  • VIA 694XDP + VIA 686B chipset

  • 4 DIMM slots support 32MB-2GB ECC/non-ECC 3.3V SDRAM

  • AGP Pro Advanced Graphics Slot for 3D graphics

  • Dual-channel Bus Master IDE ports supporting UltraDMA/100 and up to 4 IDE devices

  • AC?97 AD1881A Audio codec

  • 5 PCI slots, 2 USB ports, 2 serial and 1 parallel ports
    ATX form-factor

  • Wakeup on LAN, Wakeup on Ring, chassis intrusion detection, system auto Speed Down for CPU Overheat,
    PC Health Monitoring bundled with ASUS PC Probe Utility

  • 2MB EEPROM and Award BIOS with Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, PnP Features Plus, Trend Chip Away Virus (TCAV)

[Ed I am taking Hardy's word on the specs as I can not read Russian and I can not find the specs on Asus' website]

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