Posted on: 11/07/2000 04:04 PM

Those whacky Aussies at Insane Hardware have posted some specs (and pictures) of the upcoming mainboards from Asus. Included in the article is the Asus CUV4X-DLS, Asus' new dual socket370 VIA based board. Here's the skinny:
Utilizing the VIA 694X-DP Northbridge and the ATA100 compatible 686B Super Southbridge, this mainboard has the makings of a high performance / home enthusiest / workstation / server mainboard. The board supports dual PPGA Celerons and also Dual Pentium III FC-PGA CPUs beyond 1GHz running on a 133MHz FSB. The next main important feature of this board is the 4 PC133 DIMM slots, which supports upto 1.5GB. Auto detection of CPU speed and VCORE is also a standard on this board.
The board also includes the standard fare such as integrated audio, but it also adds a few bonus options like integrated Intel 10/100 Ethernet and SCSI. That would make this the first dual VIA based board to hit the market with built-in SCSI AFAIK. Sweet!

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