Asus P2B-D Review
Posted on: 04/27/2000 04:18 AM

I finally finished my review of the Asus P2B-D motherboard. Be sure to check it out... Here's a snip:
My boss approached me a few weeks ago with a box full of computer components. It seemed that one of our other offices was in need of a new server, and I was elected to build it. I was happy to see that the new server was going to be a dual processor machine and that it was based on a motherboard that I hadn't had any previous experiences with... The Asus P2B-D. My boss is a huge fan of Asus, and many of the workstations on our network are based on some sort of Asus motherboard. Luckily, I had the opportunity to spend some "quality time" with the board before it went in to full time service.

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