ATA/100 Investigation
Posted on: 07/07/2000 02:40 PM

Ahhh Cnewz, how I've missed thee. They linked to a nice little article over at iXBT Labs regarding the newly hyped ATA/100 protocol. Is it all that and a bag of chips? far as ATA/100 is concerned, of course it provides a certain performance gain compared to ATA/66. However, the today's hard drives are too slow to make this gain a significant argument in favor of ATA/100 interface. But certainly innovation is always aimed at the future rather than the present. Everything keeps developing and very soon hard disk drives may appear much faster rotating at 10,000 rpm, for instance, or even more. This is exactly when the new interface will manage to show off.
This was an interesting read. Rather technical, and it contains a slight history lesson on the world of data transfer, but definitely worth it. Check it out here.

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