ATA/66 and Windows 2000 - a friendship
Posted on: 08/11/2000 04:35 PM

Have you been having trouble with getting the Highpoint Controller on the BE6/BP6 running under Win2k. Well it looks like the boys over at has got the solution for you! They give you a step by step setup to gettin it all working. Heck man they even got pictures (">nitro_fish likes pictures). So if you have been havin problems go check it out here!
First off let me say yeeeeehaaaa, or something like that. I was, just like many extremely upset individuals when I couldn't get my ATA/66 hard drive to work with Windows 2000. I've gone out to the Highpoint-Technologies web site and swear I've seen a Windows 2000 compatible logo so why the trouble?

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