Aten K/V/M Switch Review
Posted on: 05/29/2000 09:26 PM

So you've got 2 screamin PCs and you want to run them both on the same monitor/keyboard/mouse? You're going to need a K/V/M switch. The boys over at CpuBurn got their hands on an Aten K/V/M Switch and decided to take it for a spin.
There are 2 ways to switch between PCs. You can either manually press the round switch button on the switch itself, or you can press both control keys two times. Flawlessly, every time it switches between machines without so much as a flinch.
Sweet! But wait...
I have noticed that my control and shift keys are a little less responsive when trying to Highlight file selections in Windows Explorer. I have also switched machines accidentally because I was trying to select multiple files and pressed the control key and it was unresponsive, so I pressed again. Apparently I pressed it in too rapid of succession and switched machines.
Sounds like a neat little rig, although that CTRL button thing could aggravate a fast keyboarder like myself. Great little invention tho that could save some money, and has other benefits as you'll read in his review.

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