Athlon XP SMP locked?
Posted on: 10/15/2001 08:44 AM

Was the initial relief over the Athlon XP's SMP capabilities based on a special batch of processors only? Are the XP's we are seeing now the last of a breed before the corporate hammer comes down and AMD does an Intel and locks the SMP capabilities of the chips? Firing Squad thinks they have the answer in this article.
Within a week or two, these unlocked CPUs will be phased out, or recalled. I'm not sure what will happen but AMD has confirmed that the Athlon XPs will be locked very, very soon....
Have they got their wires crossed? Were they really talking about the multiplier lock or the SMP capability? Do you think they've got any idea? There's certainly been activity in our forums on the issue to this date. It would be a shame if AMD crippled the Athlons the way Intel crippled the Celerons. But look at it this way, though. Athlons and Celerons are not in the same market. Why would AMD cripple an Athlon for SMP? You know the answer? Tell us in the comments thread.

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