ATI "FireStream" Next Week?
Posted on: 09/20/2006 01:29 PM

Beyond3D speculated a few weeks ago that ATI was planning on releasing add-in cards for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing. The original speculation was based on some entries in ATI's Linux drivers that referenced "FireStream 2U (R580 724E), FireStream 2U (R580 724F)".
First consider the ATI SIGGRAPH '06 presentation on what they call a Data Parallel Virtual Machine, using a recently released 'close to the metal' API, built specifically for general purpose GPU computing (GPGPU). Then consider that ATI have spent significant resources on GPGPU since the inception of the R5-series of GPUs, lastly bearing in mind that stream processing is a class of problem that exploits massive parellism of a device, and it seems logical that FireStream is a product using a 3D GPU but is not for the explicit purpose of drawing pixels.
Now it seems that ATI has invited the press to a September 29th event in San Francisco at which it will reveal "a new class of processing known as Stream Computing."

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