ATI Radeon Preview
Posted on: 05/30/2000 12:51 AM

Brother Kyle over at the Hardocp has some interesting linkage this evening. Chip online has a review of a prototype ATI Radeon posted. With all the Geforce 2 GTS and Voodoo5 news of late, ATI often is forgotten. Radeon is set to bring a 200MHz core, and 400MHz DDR-RAM (2x200MHz) to the table. Maybe we should give it a chance?
The benchmarks show that ATI is pushing forward indeed: The Radeon prototype numbers are behind those of a Geforce-2-GTS or a Voodoo-5/5500 right now, but if you consider a 12 percent faster core- and RAM-frequency AND ongoing driver optimizations, the Radeon is definitely a threat to both NVidia and, even more, to 3dfx.
I'd be surprised to see this card actually beat a Geforce 2 GTS or a Voodoo5 for that matter. However, ATI has always had incredible 2d/DVD and this card could appeal to the "mid-range" gamer. Check it out here.

UPDATE: Apparently, Chip Online acquired their board through "irregular channels" and their review contains no validity. ATI, as you can imagine, isn't too pleased about the situation. They say the board in question is at least two versions behind the Radeon that will ship.

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