AWESOME New MP3 Player from... CASIO
Posted on: 01/09/2000 11:22 AM

In addition to a PIM watch and a Digital Camera Watch, Casio unveiled an MP3 player watch in 16, 32, and 64MB varieties at CES. Check it out at ZDNet. For the impatient, here's an excerpt.
Casio's MP3 watch is an ultracool water-resistant digital wristwatch that lets you download MP3 songs to it from your computer. By summer, the watch will ship in 16MB, 32MB, and 64MB configurations and will have both a USB jack for fast music downloads and a headphone jack for listening to your music in private. But even cooler than its supersmall size is that it comes with rechargeable batteries. If there's one thing we've learned with the current crop of portable MP3 players it's that they eat batteries faster than you can buy new ones. Of course the MP3 watch also keeps time, has a built-in stopwatch, and has an alarm. As of this writing, pricing has been set for the 16MB and 32MB versions at $199 and $249 respectively

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