BeOS 5 OpenGL vs. The World
Posted on: 06/19/2000 12:25 PM

Oooooh, I found this little gem over at Benews this morning. The new OpenGL 1.1 implementation for BeOS 5, which is currently under closed beta testing, promises to deliver speed and stability. Benews was allowed to get some benchmarking in, and the results will certainly surprise you...
I was amazed myself from the results, as BeOS clearly outperforms Windows so much! But there is a very good explanation for it: Besides the highly optimized OpenGL code that Jason Sams added to the new implementation, there are special optimizations for the SIMD capable processors using assembly (machine code). Those CPUs are the Intel PIII and FPGA Celeron2 (but not the PII or the plain Celerons). Using those instructions you can see what boost they can give to 3d and multimedia performance in general, with the use of floating-point MMX-2 instructions found on these processors. BeOS R5 also takes advantage of those instructions, so if you already own a PIII, you are among those Be-Lucky ones!
Really interesting. In the Voodoo3 testing in Quake2, Windows gets spanked, seriously. Now if we could only get proper support for our nVidia-based video cards... Check out the numbers for yourself over here.

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