BeOS 5 PE big hit!
Posted on: 04/06/2000 07:15 PM

Be, Inc. issued a press release stating that they have counted over 550,000 downloads of BeOS 5 PE from 18 official mirrors. What's more astonishing is the fact that there are at least 39 other mirrors that they don't have any stats on. Hey, I was one of those people!
The demand for BeOS 5 Personal Edition has been inspiring. It is a testament to the public's desire for a powerful, flexible and robust operating system that is easy to install and use. We believe the demand for BeOS 5 will continue to increase as more people have the opportunity to use the OS and fully realize its potential.
Amen, I just started into BeOS on the weekend and I must say I'm impressed. Incredibly fast little operating system. Check out the entire press release here.

For a little more background information on what BeOS is and what features it provides, check out "To Be or Not to Be" over at Riva3D.

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