BeOS development update
Posted on: 04/27/2000 02:52 AM

Earlier in the day Benews reported that based on a translated article they discovered, there was a possibility that Be was quiting BeOS development... Be Inc officially denounced that rumor today, stating that the reporter got it completely wrong.
This is a drastic misinterpretation of my words. I said nothing to the reporter about BeOS development being halted. I simply reiterated the same thing Be has been saying for months, about our shift in focus to Internet Appliances. Obviously, we need to continue BeOS development. BeOS is the development platform for BeIA, as well as our 'calling card'. Strong visibility for BeOS is strong visibility for Be and BeIA... (Lamar Potts, Be's Vice President of Marketing)
*phew* I'm sure this is a load off every BeOS lover's mind. The rest of the article is located here.

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