BeOS = FreeOS?!?
Posted on: 01/18/2000 07:26 PM

According to this post over at BeNews, BeOS v5 will be available in two versions. The first version will be the full OS with added software and will be distributed on a CD (just like v4.5). The second version is the cool one... It will be available for download... For free! It will not contain all the "bonus" applications and bundled software that will ship with the full version, but it is the complete, and fully functional OS. One cool new feature for v5 will be the ability to install and run Be from a native Windows folder...
According to Be the free version will be between 40 and 60MB in size and will be downloadable from before Q1 is over (so definately before 31 March). It will install as a file onto a normal Windows partition and will also run from within Windows, without any need for repartitioning.
Be has also announced that they will shift their focus from the desktop to the "Internet Appliance" market. Nobody is sure of what that will mean for the people that use Be on the desktop, but it doesn't seem like it will affect v5's release.

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