Big Case Review
Posted on: 04/11/2000 11:04 PM

No, not a big review... A B I G case :-) With all the talk about cases lately in our forums I figured you would all be interested in this. The guys over at PCStats take a look at a Net Server Cube Case. Mmmm... Cube case with casters. What's not to like?
When you look inside your computer can you actually see the motherboard or is it simply a mess of cables, cards and drives (like mine). Could be that you've outgrown your little mid-tower and its time for a case upgrade. Just consider for a second how a cramped case can adversely affect your computers performance; decreased air flow being one of the deciding factors in higher case temperatures.

Given a hot case it's usually a good idea to cut a few holes and install some 90mm fans to improve air flow. While that will work well for most cases, the benefits start to be less obvious if there is just a shear number of devices crammed into the case that are causing the temperature problems. Solution - upgrade the case to a bigger one.

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