Blu-Ray on the horizon.
Posted on: 02/16/2003 12:43 AM

The Inquirer (among others) is reporting that the next evolution in optical storage densities is almost upon us. Nicknamed 'Blu-Ray', it's going to be a bit of a hit with the multimedia junkies:
The new discs have enough capacity to hold 13 hours of video. ... The discs hold up to 27 gigabytes on a layer that is similar to the way that DVDs work but the new drives will use a blue laser to read the discs. Current DVD players use a red laser. Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength allowing them to focus on a smaller area which in turn means that more information can be crammed onto a disc.
Sounds good to me. However, just when the ability to write to this medium will trickle down to the realm of remote affordability is anyone's guess. Remember how long it was before CD writers became affordable? Then how long before CD rewriters and finally DVD writers became affordable? I guess unless there is a concerted effort to make the writing side of the technology available to consumers in a hurry then we will still be asking for it in 18 months. Well, that's if the media giants like AOL Time Warner don't stall it even more over intellectual property (copyright) issues like encryption....

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