Bootdisk woes...
Posted on: 06/26/2000 10:20 PM

Found an interesting item over at The Register. Users will no longer have an easy way to update their BIOSes after taking the switch to Windows ME or Windows 2000.
A Microsoft technical support spokesman today confirmed that there was no simple way of creating a boot floppy under ME and no way at all of creating one under Win2K. The best he could come up with was writing the BIOS data to a second floppy and swapping disks. Unfortunately, the Intel upgrade process is now automated and runs out of AUTOEXEC.BAT. The reason for this being that almost all upgrades now involve rewriting the boot block flash - any interuption of this process can result in the flash being corrupted and the motherboard rendered unusable - hardly a trivial problem.
Not incredibly upsetting to the more advanced user, but if you're a newbie this could reak terror if you are in need of that important flash. Check it out for yourself over here.

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