Browser Wars Heat Up
Posted on: 04/06/2000 12:27 PM

Hot on the heels of the Netscape 6 preview release, Microsoft jumps in to the ring with a new IE 5.5 beta. Here is the PR from both fronts:

Netscape (download here):
Netscape is fulfilling its promise to deliver a new browser that is small in size, leads the industry in standards compliance and can run across a wide variety of platforms from traditional PC desktops to new computing devices. This new groundbreaking browser is Netscape 6.

Netscape 6 offers users unmatched convenience features and the ability to stay connected to important information, while offering users the flexibility to deeply customize the browser to fit their individual needs and personality.
Internet Explorer (download here):
Microsoft is proud to announce the availability of Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Tools Beta. This release encompasses a number of enhancements to Internet Explorer, including improved printing and support for Print Preview functionality. There are also several new features for DHTML and content developers to take advantage of, such as: enhancements to DHTML behaviors, improved editing, colored scroll-bars, transparent IFrames and support for vertical text layout. For an overview of these new features, visit

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