Budget nVidia Chip!
Posted on: 06/28/2000 09:08 PM

nVidia displayed it's upcoming low-cost GeForce2 processor, the Geforce2MX today. It is targeted as the low-cost solution for gamers, businesses, and general home users. It will supposedly run like a Geforce 256, but for 1/2 the price. Sooo it might not be the fastest card on the block, but maybe it'll be packed with new, swanky features?
Among these new features is TwinView, a dual display architecture reminiscent of Matrox's DualHead technology. TwinView will allow users to connect two display devices to a single Geforce2MX-based card with multiple out ports. Any combination of TV, digital display, and analog monitors will be supported. Also, users can choose to stretch their desktops; stream DVD to one display while working on a Windows desktop on the other; show two applications with one on each monitor; and so on.
It will be based on a .18-micron process and should run you about $100-150. Check it out over at Gamecenter.

UPDATE! There are Geforce 2 MX Previews popping up all over the place....

FiringSquad has one.

Anandtech has one.

3DGPU.com has one.

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