Buggy (part 2)
Posted on: 02/12/2000 11:58 PM

Here's another perspective on Win2k and bugs, this time from ZDNet. They take a pretty rational look at the "topic of the day" and actually present both sides of the story (how novel :-). Snip, snip...
A spokeswoman for Microsoft strongly defended Windows 2000's quality. "Bugs are inherent in computer science," she said. "All software ships with issues. The difference is (that) no software in the history of Microsoft development has ever been through the incredible, rigorous internal and external testing that Windows 2000 has been through."

One developer, informed of Microsoft's bug estimates, said all new software ships with lots of bugs but few software vendors are willing to acknowledge this reality. "The fact that Microsoft found that many bugs indicates to me just how thorough their testing processes are," said the Windows developer, who requested anonymity.

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