Build a "true" multi-OS machine
Posted on: 02/14/2000 10:00 PM

I found this very cool article on ZDNet (by way of BeNews) that details exactly how to go about building a true multi-OS compatible computer. They discuss everything from picking non-Windows dependant hardware to the actual OS's. This is a great read for all of you dual-booters out there. Here's a taste...
Start by eliminating any device that requires Windows. This includes software-based modems (most internal modems) sound cards, and GDI printers. As a general rule, if these products work in MS-DOS, they'll work with the other operating systems.

Now let's look at hardware compatibility with Linux (Red Hat), BeOS, Netware, and SCO Unix. Each of these OSes has a hardware compatibility page. Read these before you buy anything, they're frequently updated.

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