Burning Issues Reviews the MSI 694D...
Posted on: 10/09/2000 06:16 PM

Ahhh the 694D, it's received quite a following since it's inception. Everyone wants to get a taste of this fc-pga dual love. The guys over at Burning Issues decided to take a look at the board and see whether or not it's a stable platform for Burning (obviously). It appears he had a few problems with the board.
All in all I think this board was rushed to the market, then inadequately supported; above all in MSI's failure to provide a trustworthy BIOS. It is an interesting challenge to the confirmed tweaker, a novel toy for the fairly rich, & possibly a cost-effective tool for the graphics professional used to the truly extortionate all-up cost of many previous dual systems. Otherwise ... well, I guess it's up to MSI to show us they can offer wholehearted support for a product best described as half-baked.
They were wise enough to refer to 2CPU.com a couple of times in the review. He also mentioned our "lively & helpful" forums. *Sniff* You guys are so dang helpful, you all rock! Take a peak over at his review while I go get a tissue.

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