BX133 Video Guide
Posted on: 07/05/2000 07:14 PM

Yep. If you read the forums at all you'd know that many of us just can't, or won't, buy anything but the reliable and fast BX chipset.

Anandtech has recently taken a look at the best video cards to use on the overclocked BX boards:
Since its introduction nearly three years ago, Intel's 440BX chipset has made a significant impact on the motherboard market. In an era of constantly evolving technology, the 440BX has become the mainstay of motherboard producers and consumers alike. Even the i820 chipset, thought to be a replacement for the aging 440BX, ended up being devastated by the little chipset that could: the BX. Plagued with an RDRAM-only memory system after the SDRAM enabling MTH failed, i820 motherboards were quickly forgotten by both consumers and manufacturers, only to be replaced by long lasting BX motherboards.
Read the rest of this great article.

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