BX vs VIA vs SMP at TR
Posted on: 05/25/2000 02:32 PM

Dr. Damage over at Tech-Report has a new article on the BX vs VIA chipsets with a twist.

He takes an ASUS P2B-D with two 600E's at 800 versus a P3V4X with a single 800EB and compares them. Sound like a fair fight? It isn't, but the numbers are pretty cool anyway:
However, the BX chipset is still able to work wonders thanks to a great design, a boatload of excellent BX motherboards like the Asus we tested, and the ability to run in dual-CPU configurations. Yes, the 133A will support dual processors, but dual Via solutions are just in their infancy, while BX (and related GX) systems are powering untold thousands of dually workstations and servers. The BX is still the dually platform of choice. And if you're willing to accept the possibility of a little fussiness from some components, overclocking a BX system bus to 133MHz can get you a system as fast as anything else out there.
Words from the wise.

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