Cache 101 - Size or Speed?
Posted on: 04/11/2000 04:25 PM

The Register posted a very interesting followup to the "Pentium III laws of Physics dilemma". How on earth could a 700MHz coppermine be out performed by a 500MHz Katmai in SETI? They came to some interesting and logical conclusions. Could the slower 512k L2 cache on the Katmai's be better suited for certain large data applications then the 256k, full-core speed L2 provided by the Coppermine?
"SETI likes a bigger cache - you'll probably find it works better with a larger cache, even if it is slower. If it overflows a 256k cache, but not a 512k cache, it will make a lot of hits to main memory, which is going to take a lot of clock ticks with a 7x clock ratio."
Fascinating. They also stated that a SETI work unit is about 350K... Maybe you'll think twice about parting with your older Katmai Pentium III processors now eh? :-). Check out the rest of the article here.

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