Can't touch this!
Posted on: 10/16/2001 01:57 AM

Sorry for the early 80's rap reference there, I couldn't resist. Anyway... I saw this at the HardOCP, Tech Report, and Electic Tech, so I figured I'd better post it!
SAN JOSE, CA -- October 15, 2001 -- At Microprocessor Forum today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) disclosed details of the company’s next-generation PC microprocessor architecture codenamed “Hammer.” AMD developed “Hammer” architecture as a foundation for its future portfolio of processors.

“The ‘Hammer’ architecture is designed to enable AMD to expand our presence from the dual processing market to the 4- and 8-way enterprise market, and provide top-to-bottom solutions for the performance desktop and notebook markets,” said Fred Weber, vice president and chief technical officer of AMD’s Computation Products Group. “AMD’s approach to 64-bit computing puts the IT customer first. It enables IT managers to take advantage of existing support, allowing them to upgrade to 64-bit software at the appropriate time and preserve their investment in 32-bit applications.”
Get the full scoop right here. What do you think, could AMD be hammering another nail into *ntel's coffin? (Hehehe... I crack myself up)

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