Carmack speaks, we listen...
Posted on: 09/19/2000 05:43 PM

VoodooExtreme got the opportunity to have an old fashioned sit down with John Carmack. Whenever he does interviews like this regarding his upcoming projects and how they tie in with the 3D graphics technology of today, and tomorrow, people have a tendency to listen.
VE: Has video technology advanced as quickly as you would like? Are you more impressed with what nVidia, 3dfx, and other have done, or a tad frustrated (with they have done more/made more advances)?

JC: Even after all my experience, I find that I still underestimate the rate of progress. During Q3, I spent some time thinking about what could be done with stencil shadow volumes as a required feature. I thought about how the technology could be used at a reasonable cost if you designed an outdoor game, because then you would have a simple case with a single orthographic light - the sun.

That would have been a reasonable feature spec for a game shipping this christmas, but turned out to be a drastic understatement of what I wound up doing for DOOM. Eighteen months ago, I probably would have had a difficult time accepting how much hardware power the new DOOM rendering is exploiting.
Ok, my universal translator is telling me he's happy with the rate of advancement in the graphics card industry. He's a freak. Check it out.

UPDATE!: Carmack speaks... part two.

UPDATE 2!: Carmack speaks... part three.

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