Cas2 vs. Cas3 in Quake3
Posted on: 06/15/2000 06:05 PM

The guys over at TweakMax have an interesting article on the go comparing Cas2 vs. Cas3 and how it influences memory bandwidth and ultimately Quake3 performance.
So what do we learn from these tests? Well, faster isn't always better. For example, in the latest test we can see that 800MHz at Cas-2 is just as fast as running the CPU at 840MHz, memory at Cas-3! This means that if your 600E maxes out at 834MHz (139x6), but your memory can't run Cas-2 at this speed, you will get better performance if you go down to 800MHz (133x6). Now you will even have a much greater memory bandwidth (MB/sec) than at 840Mhz...
Interesting... They have lots of pretty charts and the like that are worth checking out. You can find it here.

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