Posted on: 04/25/2000 12:39 AM

And you though Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament had good graphics! NCSA has built some 40 of these million-dollar CAVE vitual reality rooms around the nation. Gamespot reports that not only does it use 12 SGI RealityMonsters, but they have their own flavor of QuakeII on it.

Paul Rajlich of the NCSA has this to say about the project:
"A CAVE costs more than a million dollars. Our CAVE is powered by an SGI Onyx2 RealityMonster. This is a top-of-the-line graphics supercomputer. Ours has 12 processors, 9GB of RAM, and four InfiniteReality2 graphics cards that cost $100,000 each."
Using shuttered glasses, it's as close to a Star Trek Holodeck as you can get right now. It can't be long before they get one of these in Las Vegas.

Get the details here.

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