Chaintech now has a dual AMD board
Posted on: 05/10/2002 09:29 AM

Chaintech looks set to release their own MPX board. A Korean site, Brainbox, has a juicy news page with some details of the new board. Warning: Babelfish translation ahead:
Only the bay it knows Promise it contains }ata{-133 Raid and the NEC USB 2.0 chip in basic.....The USB for the support of 2.0 NEC USB 2.0 khen thu lel le also the fact that it has built-in is feature.....}ac{97 Sound back
Umm, right. You were warned. I think it's trying to say there is onboard IDE RAID, onboard USB 2.0 and onboard sound. Anyway, the pictures tell the story and you can always feed the page through Babelfish for a bigger laugh. The Brainbox page is here.

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