Cheap RAMBUS?!?
Posted on: 03/05/2000 05:15 AM

I noticed this MaxPC blurb over at Ars. It's a small bit, but I'll post the meat of it...
Rambus seems to be getting cheaper everyday, but with its high cost, it would have to come down eventually. A new process developed by Tessera may make it as much as 50 percent cheaper to produce, though.

With Toshiba recently announcing a small reduction in the cost of the expensive memory, RDRAM (otherwise known as Rambus) seems to be dropping. With the announcement from Tessera on a new process reducing costs, Rambus seems to be gearing up to make a run at DDR SDRAM, which is cheaper and gives competitive performance.
Let's see... 50% of $300 is $150. Still seems a bit steep for 64mb's of memory :-/

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