Cisco IOS Source Code Theft
Posted on: 05/17/2004 03:03 PM

This could be bad. Apparently on May 13th, the source code for Cisco's IOS was stolen. Since Cisco owns such a large percentage of the core router market, this could be a big problem.
...reports that the source code for Cisco's 'main networking device operating system was stolen on Thursday' (May 13) according to the Russian company SecurityLab. SecurityLab says that criminals broke into Cisco's network and stole 800MB of source code for IOS 12.3 and IOS 12.3t, a pre-release variant. The purported culprit(s) then bragged about the feat in an IRC session and offered 2.5 MB of the code as proof.
There are plenty of comments to read over at Slashdot.

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