Clear as mud :-/
Posted on: 02/12/2000 04:12 PM

There has been a bit of disagreement on our messageboard recently regarding the SMP ability of the PIII 500/550E Coppermine chips from Intel. I thought I'd try to clear the air a bit.

From this page at Intel's site:
Currently the Pentium III processor in the FC-PGA package does not support dual-processing. The processor has been hardware disabled for such functionality. Future versions of this processor may include this feature.

However, the Pentium III processor in the S.E.C.C.2 package is designed for dual processor (DP) operation. The following information pertains only to the Pentium III processor in the S.E.C.C.2 package.
And then this page at Sharky Extreme:
As far as Dual-Processor compatibility goes, there has been a bit of confusion whether or not the FC-PGA Pentium III does in fact support it. These Dual-Processor questions stem from information found on the Intel site stating the FC-PGA is not validated for Dual-Processor systems. After perusing the Intel Developer Forum, I found that it's not a technical limitation of the CPU, but simply means that Intel has not run full Dual-Processor validation tests on the FC-PGA processors. To help clear up this question, Intel has assured us that the FC-PGA Pentium III is fully supported under SMP or Dual-Processor implementations.
Okay then... That really *cough* clears things up for me :-/ Again I say "Wait and see".

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