COMDEX's Dual TBird Mystery Machine
Posted on: 11/22/2000 08:45 PM

AnandTech has an AMD processor roadmap posted up today. About halfway down this page they have some more info on the dual TBird box that AMD was pimping at COMDEX. There isn't much new info in there, but there are a few suprises (or not :-):
The 760MP is physically a different chip than the 760 since AMD’s point-to-point EV6 bus protocol states that each processor shall have its own data path to the North Bridge. While this means that, in the case of a 266MHz FSB, each CPU in a dual processor AMD system will have a full 2.1GB/s of bandwidth to/from the North Bridge, it also means that motherboards will have to include twice as many traces to the North Bridge making the motherboards very expensive.

We’ve known for over a year now that Tyan has been a testing site for the 760MP chipset, and word finally got out that they made the 760MP board that AMD was showing off at Comdex. You can expect a 760MP board from them sometime early next year which should work with all current Socket-A CPUs.
I will have one! Oh yes... I will!

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