Complete Firewall on a Single PCI Card
Posted on: 11/22/2000 02:48 PM

This is so cool! I was sorting through my email this morning and came across a link to the Merilus Crusoe-based FireCard. This thing is seriously sweet! The FireCard is a complete firewall solution on a single PCI card. It's sort of like a SBC, only not :-) Here comes the clippage:
One of the most unique adaptations of Transmeta's Crusoe processor to surface at COMDEX 2000 is the Merilus FireCard Enterprise Edition. The FireCard is the first firewall on a PCI card, and uses a Crusoe processor to run the embedded application independent of the hosts operating system, only drawing power from the PCI slot. In other words, the firewall system software (Gateway Guardian) runs on a stripped down embedded Linux OS a la Crusoe TM3200 - "a box within a box" so to speak.
The FireCard even has a built-in modem so an administrator can dial right in to the firewall in the event of a system failure. VERY sweet stuff indeed...

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