Computer Glitches: More stressful than being ditched?
Posted on: 08/31/2000 01:12 PM

During my early-morning surfing I came upon this interesting piece of work over at Are computer glitches more stressful than ending a relationship? An interesting survey was done comparing the stress induced by PC related problems and the general pains of life.
Computer problems may be more stressful than relationship break-ups for some, but others get more phased by cranky computers than by being stuck on public transport and taking care of screaming children, the survey said.

The stress is said to be down to the amount of time wasted on computer glitches -- caused mainly by the ignorance of the user.
Heh, there are some interesting numbers in this survey. Now if any of you have a computer glitch today, just close your eyes and count to ten. Read the rest over here.

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