Corsair PC2400 DDR Review at FullOn3D
Posted on: 05/12/2001 02:05 AM

I figured that since the good fellas over at FullOn3D have been lighting up our forums lately, and since Corsair has hooked us up with some sweet memory, AND since you guys are all going on and on about PC2100 vs PC2400 in the forums... I figured I'd post this link to a review of Corsair's newest and fastest DDR. Here's a teaser:
For anything marked CAS2 I was running at CAS2, with 4-way interleaving enabled and any DRAM settings at their fastest values. For anything marked CAS2.5 I obviously dropped the CAS latency to 2.5 and dropped the DRAM timings down one notch, 4-way interleaving was left one because I feel that disabling that causes too much of a performance hit to justify higher MHz front side buses.

As you can see the Corsair PC2400 uses different chips from all the other RAM tested. Instead of the typical Samsung 8ns chips it uses 7.5ns Micron chips.
Actually, the results are pretty amazing. [End blatant pimpage - Ed.]

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