Crucial teams up with ATI...
Posted on: 07/29/2002 06:52 PM

Upaboveit mentioned this to me on IRC early this afternoon. Crucial is now selling Radeon 8500LE video cards! My first question when I heard about this was: "What memory will be shipped on these things?" It will be Micron DDR. At least you know you're getting some quality (and possibly overclockable) memory.

I was a little shocked when Hooz posted up that Tyan also became an ATI partner and will be releasing Radeon 9000-based and 9700-based video cards in the near future. I'd like to see ATI do well in this respect as solid competition can only be good for us as consumers. With respect to Crucial getting involved, I'd be interested in knowing the reasons behind their decision to enter this market. Obviously their analysts predict it to be a wise business decision; only time will tell.

Current pricing on Crucial's offering is 134.99USD. Check it out.

UPDATE: Wooo, guess who else is jumping on the ATI bandwagon? FIC. Interesting. ATI is really working hard. It's nice to see.

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